Dharavi, Slum for Sale

Dharavi, Slum for Sale

                                Dharavi, Slum for Sale

At the heart of the constantly growing megacity Mumbai lies Dharavi, India's biggest slum. Close to a million immigrants from all over the country live and work here, contributing a vital share to the city's economy. In this no-man's land urban planner Mukesh Mehta sees his chance of a lifetime. According to his vision, Dharavi is to be knocked down and its profitable real estate to be turned into billions of Dollars. The government has already adopted his point of view - but at the wake of destruction, the temperature amongst the opponents to his plan is rising. Questioning both, nature and benefit of development, Dharavi, Slum for Sale follows the struggle between tradition and modernity and the fight of the underprivileged to defend their homes and livelihoods against mounting globalisation pressure.

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  • director
    Rob Appleby
    Lutz Konermann
  • producer
    Christof Neracher
    Thomas Tümena

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