Forbidden Forest

Forbidden Forest

| 1 h 9 min

This feature-length documentary tells the story of two very different men brought together by New Brunswick's decision to hand the management of millions of acres of Crown land to six multinationals. One man is an Acadian woodlot owner retired after nearly 40 years in a pulp mill; the other is a painter and winemaker with homes in France and New Brunswick.

The activitists travel to Finland, home of UPM-Kymmene, one of the largest licence holders of New Brunswick Crown lands, to urge company officials to practise responsible forestry. They also go head-to-head with the provincial government to secure a new community-based forestry policy that is environmentally sustainable and produces more jobs than the highly mechanized techniques used today.

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  • participant
    Jean-Guy Comeau
    Francis Wishart
  • director
    Kevin W. Matthews
  • producer
    Kent Martin
    Lloyd Salomone
  • writer
    Jonathan Collicott
    Kevin W. Matthews
  • photography
    Jonathan Collicott
    Kevin W. Matthews
  • picture editor
    Jonathan Collicott
    Kevin W. Matthews
  • archival researcher
    Roberta Nixon
  • narration
    Kevin W. Matthews
  • researcher
    Jonathan Collicott
    Kevin W. Matthews

  • kruscito

    @doright - Not that I'm aware of! I asked our collection curator and he said the same thing. Sorry!

    kruscito, 26 Jun 2012
  • doright

    has there been a follow-up to this film?

    doright, 22 Jun 2012
  • sandino

    A culture is only as good as its woods.

    sandino, 16 Jul 2011
  • sandpiper

    Thank you Jean Guy, Francais and Kevin very informative documentary. It is alarming to see such devastation in our New Brunswick forests and what is happening to our proud hard workers in New Brunswick. I didn't really know how bad the situation really was. It's alarming. I admire your commitment in trying to make changes for our province. Thank you!

    sandpiper, 11 Sep 2010
  • adrian

    this film is a heartbreaking and beautiful portrait of two incongruous men doing what so many more must do

    adrian, 1 Sep 2010