The Great Adventure

The Great Adventure

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The head of the Arctic Mission, Jean Lemire, leads the SEDNA IV on its five-month voyage from Montreal to Vancouver, taking the scientific expedition through the treacherous Northwest Passage. Against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, the crew face exceptionally cold weather and perilous navigation.

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  • script
    Jean Lemire
    Thierry Piantanida
  • direction
    Jean Lemire
    Thierry Piantanida
  • cinematography
    Martin Leclerc
  • sound
    Hubert Macé de Gastines
    Marie-Claude Gagné
    Serge Boivin
    Jean Paul Vialard
  • picture editing
    Frédéric Lossignol
    Alain Belhumeur
  • original music
    Hervé Postic
  • narration
    David Suzuki
    Jean Lemire
  • voice
    Arthur Holden
    Marcel Jeanin
    Harry Standjofski
    Jennifer Seguin
  • sound editing
    Marie-Claude Gagné
    Anton Fischlin
    Claire Pochon
  • music recording
    Claudia Sound
    Studio Son G
  • sound engineer
    Stéphane Blaëss
  • voice recording
    Clovis Gouaillier
  • director-coordinator
    Jean Lemire
  • research
    Pascale Bilodeau
    Virginie Millière
    Catherine Giroul
    Sara Marino
  • technical director
    Bruno Abate
  • executive producer
    Sally Bochner
  • sound editing
  • producer
    Jean Lemire
    Éric Michel
    Colette Loumède
    Stéphane Millière