Herring Hunt

Herring Hunt

                                Herring Hunt
| 10 min

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This short sea-faring documentary follows the operations of a herring boat and her crew in the coastal waters of British Columbia. The Western Girl trawler, her skipper, and his men race to get their catch before the quota is taken and the fishing area closed. Teamwork is paramount in an enterprise that has a great element of risk; competition is keen and one man's mistake may mean severe loss, so that a year of plenty may be followed by a year of famine.

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  • director
    Julian Biggs
  • producer
    Guy Glover
  • script
    Leslie McFarlane
  • photography
    Walter A. Sutton
  • actor
    Bruno Gerussi
  • editing
    David Mayerovitch
  • sound editing
    Dino Di Campo
  • music
    Robert Fleming