Legault's Place

Legault's Place

| 10 min

This short film tells the story of what happens when the world around you changes but you remain the same. Legault is an elderly gentleman whose aging cabin now sits in a new suburb of Montreal. No longer surrounded by fields and woods, it has become an eyesore in a newly developing neighbourhood. A warm and humorous story about learning to change with the times.

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  • director
    Suzanne Angel
  • producer
    Roman Kroitor
    Tom Daly
  • camera
    John Spotton
  • sound recording
    Ron Alexander
    Roger Lamoureux
  • sound effects
    Don Wellington
  • commentary
    Stanley Jackson

  • farmer77

    Great film! Definitely worth the watch!

    farmer77, 20 Feb 2020
  • sarahvheald

    i love this film..beautiful,,and really poignant....was so glad he coldn't see the demolition,,the,the final line!So perfectly timed,,congratulations!

    sarahvheald, 31 Aug 2018