The Pedlar

The Pedlar

                                The Pedlar
| 54 min

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The Pedlar is a dramatic film based on the short story by W.D. Valgardson, A Place of One's Own. Tired of the rootless, lonely existence of a travelling merchant, a man searches for a place to settle down, and someone to share his life.

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  • director
    Allan Kroeker
  • screenplay
    Allan Kroeker
  • producer
    Michael Scott
  • executive producer
    Michael Scott
  • photography
    Andreas Poulsson
  • sound
    Leon Johnson
  • editing
    Lara Mazur
  • re-recording
    Clive Perry
  • music
    Victor Davies
    Randolph Peters
  • cast
    Doreen Brownstone
    Marilyn Magnusson
    Lubomir Mykytiuk
    Thomas Peacocke

  • farmer77

    Good Movie

    farmer77, 26 Dec 2018