The Sloane Affair

The Sloane Affair

| 53 min

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This feature film, fictional in presentation but based on incidents from actual case files of the Department of National Revenue, depicts an investigation into a suspected tax fraud. A cast of Canadian actors convincingly portrays the investigation of the dealings of a successful building contractor charged with income tax evasion. As in the best of detective dramas, suspense builds during the conduct of the enquiry and in the persons who become involved.

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  • director
    Douglas Jackson
  • producer
    Douglas Jackson
  • executive producer
    Tom Daly
  • script
    Douglas Jackson
    Alvin Goldman
  • photography
    Douglas Kiefer
  • sound
    Hans Oomes
  • editing
    Edward Le Lorrain
    Les Halman
    Ginny Stikeman
  • sound editing
    Bill Graziadei
  • re-recording
    Roger Lamoureux
  • cast
    John Bethune
    Dave Broadfoot
    Ron Hartmann
    Michael Kane
    Cec Linder
    Paisley Maxwell
    Sabina Maydelle
    Frank Perry
    Alfie Scopp
    Rex Sevenoaks
    Al Waxman
    Ken James
    Sean Sullivan