To a Different Beat

To a Different Beat

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The film provides a personal look at the world of policing. It examines in an intimate way the relationship between the police and the public it is sworn to protect. The film explores the dynamic between the public and the police by following the day-to-day interactions of police in three different cities: Edmonton, New Orleans and London, England.

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  • director
    Randy Bradshaw
    Brian Dooley
  • producer
    Jerry Krepakevich
    Brian Dooley
    Patricia Phillips
  • executive producer
    Patricia Phillips
    Graydon McCrea
  • writer
    Brian Dooley
    Patricia Phillips
    Tom Gould
  • cinematography
    James Jeffrey
  • sound
    Larry MacDonald
  • editing
    Wayne Anderson
    Joe Jr. Viszmeg
  • sound editing
    Downy Karvonen
  • sound mixer
    Garrell Clark
  • narrator
    Vlasta Vrana
  • music
    Doug Blackley